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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

“Creating positive life chances for people through education and training for work, that leads to economic independence and prosperity.”

Our Vision 

To be A Truly Great College - Passionate About Success

Join our team and role-model our values

Passion: We are passionate about education & enabling our Students to reach their potential.

Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurialism: We foster an entrepreneurial climate which encourages innovation and creativity.

Respect, Social Justice and Fairness: We believe that every individual should be treated with courtesy and fairness and we respect the rights and beliefs of each other, regardless of gender, marital status, age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or position within the organisation.

High Standards and Quality: We have aspirational targets and standards

Professionalism: We never compromise our standards and values, and care passionately about our Students, our community, our colleagues and our success.

Friendliness and Commitment: We believe that our staff and Students should work in an environment of friendliness, with a clear sense of purpose to achieve our mission and realise our vision.

Flexibility, Responsiveness and Ability to Change: We value new ideas and approaches and seek new opportunities and solutions to meeting the needs and demands of our Students, employers and the local community whilst supporting national and regional education and economic strategies.

Accountability: We are all accountable for ensuring our plan is delivered

Risk-Taking: We encourage and celebrate creativity and risk-taking, learning from all that we do.

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